Austrian Clinical Research Infrastructures Network

Competence development

Education, training and experience are prerequisites of successful trial conduct by all people involved in a clinical study.


Good Clinical Practice

The principles of Good Clinical Practice and its implementation into laws and regulations are presented in courses by different providers. The Medical University of Vienna also holds GCP training courses (short courses over 2 days). For more information and start dates please enquire at:


Study assistent

This part-time course over 2 semesters (60 ECTS; to be completed within a maximum of 3 years) targets study co-ordinators with different background and is open as post-graduate training to scientists, nurses and medical staff. The university degree "Akademisch geprüfter Studienassistent" is awarded after succesful completion of all modules. For more information please contact the programme office at:


Study nurse

There is no generally recognised training course for study nurses in Austria. A collection of courses in Germany is available at:

Study Nurse Online



Training courses for study monitors are provided by the Vienna-based company HealthCareConsulting .


MSc in Clinical Research

This part-time post-graduate Master course (90 ECTS) is provided by the Medical University of Vienna. The programme allows a flexible combination of modules and electives, including various workshops and thematic seminars. The university degree "Master of Science in Clinical Research" is awarded after acceptance of a thesis. For more information please contact the programme office at:


Other courses

If you are interested in other courses for specialisation or life-long learning portfolio building, please visit the on-line course catalogue on-course®.


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Biomedical science training


Europe's first post-graduate course catalogue is online since February 2012 and available as APP for your smartphone ...

Lifelong Learning


LifeTrain is building the right environment for continuing professional development in the biomedical sciences across disciplines and national boundaries. ...

Sail with James Lind


This short cartoon explains the essence of clinical trials.

International Clinical Trials Day 2014

The discussions at the Neumunster Abbey, Luxembourg, LUX, addressed current clinical study design developments. The ECRAN project developments and the new movie were presented to the audience. ...

ECRIN Summer School 2014

The annual summer school with training of ECRIN's European correspondents will be hosted by Switzerland in Basel and train ECRIN staff in the novel tools which have been developed by the different work packages. ...