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The supporting centre KKS can be reached at

Koordinationszentrum für Klinische Studien
+43 1 40160 25176


The national European correspondent of ECRIN can be reached at +43 1 40400 29810 or by mail to

The list of ECRIN partners and their European correspondents is provided on the homepage of ECRIN here .


AtCRIN supports investigators in multicentre clinical trials. Communication activities involve participation in meetings of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI ) in biomedical sciences and ECRIN's tasks. The workpackage on education & training is steered by AtCRIN people.
The national clinical trials day in Austria is co-organised by AtCRIN.

Clinical Trials Day

The ICTD is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of clinical research in the development of new diagnostic methods, medical treatments and clinical practices. The International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated on the 20th of May to commemorate the day in 1747 when Royal naval surgeon James Lind began his landmark controlled trial of lime juice for scurvy.

James Lind (1716-1794), paited Sir George Chalmers

ECRIN's celebrations of the ICTD are paralleled by national activities in different countries. The ICTD 2014 was hosted by Luxembourg.

ECRIN summer school

Summer schools for education & training of ECRIN's European correspondents exist since 2008 and address the tasks for ECRIN staff in the various trials supported by ECRIN. The first summer school was held in Vienna, AUT, followed in 2009 in Menorca, ESP, 2010 in Val Sesia, ITA, and 2011 in Sigtuna, SWE. In 2012 the summer school was hosted in Cascais, PRT, followed 2013 by Izmir, TUR. The host in 2014 is Basel, CHE.

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Biomedical science training


Europe's first post-graduate course catalogue is online since February 2012 and available as APP for your smartphone ...

Lifelong Learning


LifeTrain is building the right environment for continuing professional development in the biomedical sciences across disciplines and national boundaries. ...

Sail with James Lind


This short cartoon explains the essence of clinical trials.

International Clinical Trials Day 2014

The discussions at the Neumunster Abbey, Luxembourg, LUX, addressed current clinical study design developments. The ECRAN project developments and the new movie were presented to the audience. ...

ECRIN Summer School 2014

The annual summer school with training of ECRIN's European correspondents will be hosted by Switzerland in Basel and train ECRIN staff in the novel tools which have been developed by the different work packages. ...